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Improve explicitness of the session history spec This is mostly an editorial change, which introduces explicit <dfn>s and links for the various items of a session history entry. However, it also includes some bugfixes and substantial clarifications. Notable ones: * Removes the mention of "form data" as being part of a session history entry. This was never referenced elsewhere in the spec. It may have something to do with form resubmission upon history traversal (which seems to be unspecified), or maybe it was subsumed into "persisted user state". For now it's best removed. * Removes a paragraph saying that entries with discarded documents should act as if the documents were not discarded. This seems totally wrong; re-creation of documents is handled explicitly in the spec. * Fixes the "URL and history update steps" to not create document-less session history entries. * Symmetrizes and more tightly couples scroll position saving/restoration and saving/restoration of other, implementation-defined, persisted user state. * Rewords all the discussion of contiguous, document-sharing session history entries for improved clarity. * Updates all history-related IDL constructs to modern style, including adding a "state" value for history.state to return, and creating "shared history push/replace state steps" for history.pushState() and history.replaceState() to call into. * Reduces some of the implicit variable-passing, notably for the "navigate to a fragment" algorithm. This helps set the stage for #5767, but does not yet make any of the changes proposed there.

Domenic Denicola