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Uniformize and expand JSON algorithms * Adds "Parse a JSON string into a JavaScript value" as a thin wrapper around %JSON.parse%. * Adds "serialize a JavaScript value to a JSON string", allowing standards to avoid the unexpected behavior of %JSON.stringify% when used on non-JSON-serializable JavaScript objects. * Renames "parse JSON from bytes" to "parse JSON bytes to a JavaScript value", and "serialize JSON to bytes" to "serialize a JavaScript value to JSON bytes". (lt="" values for the old names are kept, so as not to break links.) * Renames "parse JSON into Infra values" to "parse a JSON string to an Infra value" (again keeping the old lt="" value). * Adds "parse JSON bytes to an Infra value". * Minor tweaks to source syntax to uniformize on [$$] and ||. * Minor tweaks to variable names to uniformize on "string", "bytes", "jsValue", and "value". * Ensures that all exported terms in this section also have their gerund forms exported.

Domenic Denicola