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Rearrange "Scripting" and introduce the realm counterparts The Scripting section (under "Web application APIs") has grown organically, resulting in subpar ordering and too-deep nesting. This divides up the "Processing model" subsection into the following subsections: * Agents and agent clusters * Realms and their counterparts * Script processing model * JavaScript specification host hooks Additionally, new text is added to the "Realms and their counterparts" section, briefly explaining how concepts are associated with global objects, environment settings objects, and environments.

Domenic Denicola

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Integrate CORP and COEP This adds support for cross-origin embedding policy, which primarily is a way of enforcing the Cross-Origin-Resource-Policy header to be set on responses. See also this HTML change which links tests and the various issues and standards efforts involved here: The earlier added "serialize a request URL for reporting" has been replaced with "serialize a response URL for reporting" as centering things around responses was found more logical.

Yutaka Hirano