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Fix cross-spec links and references (#247) A few editorial updates to fix a few broken links and references: - Drop custom dfns that are no longer needed (fixes a few outdated fragments and allows to see which additional dfns the spec needs on top of those that the referenced specs export) - Replace "triggered by user activation" with new user activation model (see This may warrant another iteration as I'm not clear whether we're supposed to call the "activation notification" steps - Update definition of methods to fix IDL links - Update reference to Web App Manifest and flag the paragraph as informative - Fix links to "action"

Fran├žois Daoust

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Move the DOMParser class to HTML This moves the DOMParser class from into HTML, per various offline discussions. Along the way, it improves the spec in several minor ways and a couple notable ways: * It precisely defines the URL of the resulting document, in a way that matches the majority of browsers. As such, this closes * It more clearly states how the parser error documents are created, namely that they also get their content type and URL set. This also closes and by adding explanatory notes for points that confused people enough to file an issue. Tests:

Domenic Denicola