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Credential Management 99332be7e94f

issue 92 accessing settings object: add passing global and queue task invoke algorithm (#100) * Resolve issues of accessing settings object in parallel steps * add origin param to [[create]]() and places it is invoked, improves #92 * fix bikeshed warnings re unused origin vars * upate 'Create a Credential' to call back in order to create a resultant credential * fix dfn link for struct's item * rename Function to Callback * pass global to constructResultantCredentialCallback * further 'create a cred' alg polishing * yet more 'create a cred' alg polishing * add another note to 'create a credential' * fix issue #103. Begin revising #algorithm-create per mikewest's feedback * address most of mikewest's comments, recept for plumbing origin thru password and federated creds creation and getting * editorial prose update index.src.html per mikewest's comments * incorp changes suggested by mikewest and jyasskin up thru new line 895 * generate html output from commit b3bf4ee * plumb origin thru #construct-passwordcredential-data and #construct-passwordcredential-form * plumb origin thru #abstract-opdef-create-a-federatedcredential-from-federatedcredentialinit * address some of jyasskin's comments on 6bdadaa * generate index.html for e745dc4 * address some of jyasskin's comments. more to do... * park comment from <pre class=link-defaults> so spec will build * [[Create]] always returns an alg, define 'credential type' * restore !Participate and comments in <pre> blocks, BS seems fixed now * add [=in parallel=] qualifier to 3 internal method descriptions * minor editorial