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Change how module scripts are fetched * Module scripts are always fetched with request credentials mode "same-origin" by default, instead of the previous default of "omit". Only worker module scripts can still set that to "omit", using the credentials option to the Worker constructor. Non-worker module scripts, which only have the crossorigin="" attribute available, can only toggle between "same-origin" and "include", similar to how crossorigin="" works for other platform features. * Similarly, import() statements inside of classic scripts now use the "same-origin" credentials mode, instead of "omit". This affects both <script> elements, where the default can be changed using crossorigin="", and other contexts like javascript: URLs and classic worker scripts, where the default cannot be changed. * The top-level script for module workers is always fetched with request mode "same-origin". Cross-origin workers did not quite work due to service workers. Fixes #2557. Fixes #3109. Tests: * * *

Anne van Kesteren