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Updated .bn ccTLD. Removed wildcard. (#702) .BN registry is opening second-level registrations. From registry of .bn domain names in Brunei. As the registry, BNNIC operates and controls the .bn top-level Internet domain name system and administers the registration of (a) third-level domain names under the second-levels of .com, .org, .net, .edu, and .gov domains; and (b) second-level domain names under the top-level domain of .bn. BNNIC may introduce other second-level domains under .bn where appropriate The following document outlines the procedure for existing third-level registrants to register a second level.


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Make the DOMTokenList creation steps use "get an attribute value" This makes it so that if a DOMTokenList's associated element has an attribute that is the associated attribute's local name, at creation time, it will use the "get an attribute value" steps, which will always return a string. Previously, the this used the "get an attribute by namespace and local name" steps, which would return an Attr node if the associated element had an attribute that is the associated attribute's local name. Fixes #666.

Trevor Rowbotham