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Clean up Client API to not expose reserved clients (#1259) To reflect the decision to not expose reserved clients ( and to spec .resultingClientId and .targetClientId in Nightly only, this: * Removes - Client.reserved and its associated reserved state (V1, Nightly) - ClientQueryOptions.includeReserved (V1, Nightly) - FetchEvent.reservedClientId (V1) - FetchEvent.targetClientId (V1) - FetchEventInit.reservedClientId (V1) - FetchEventInit.targetClientId (V1) * Changes - FetchEvent.reservedClientId to FetchEvent.resultingClientId (Nightly) - FetchEventInit.reservedClientId to FetchEventInit.resultingClientId (Nightly) - Handle Fetch to set FetchEvent.clientId for a navigation request to the empty string (V1) * Corrects - matchedClients with clientObjects in Clients.matchAll() (V1, Nightly) Related issue: This also cleans up sort condition steps in Clients.matchAll() that fixes (V1, Nightly) (Changes for the Clients interface's methods will be addressed as separate PRs.)

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