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Percent-encode additional characters in "fragment state" Currently, we percent-encode characters in "fragment state" using the C0 control percent-encode set. Firefox encodes more than that, and it seems reasonable to align around that behavior for reasons spelled out in #291 and the comments of #344. This patch adds a new "fragment percent-encode set" which contains the C0 control percent-encode set, along with: * 0x20 (SP) * 0x22 (") * 0x3C (<) * 0x3E (>) * 0x60 (`) Tests: Closes #344.

Mike West

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Add <img decoding> The decoding attribute indicates a decoding hint to the user agent. This hint aids the user agent in deciding how to process and decode the image before rasterizing it. Possible values are as follows: * "sync": prefer to decode the image synchronously for atomic presentation with other content * "async": prefer to decode the image asynchronously to reduce delay in presenting other content * "auto": default mode, which indicates no preference for the decoding mode. Fixes #1920.