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Standard text for TransformStream Add standard text for TransformStream, replacing TBD text. Modify the section under "Model" to indicate that TransformStream is now standardised. Add TransformStream to "Global Properties" Factor out TransformStreamErrorWritableAndUnblockWrite from TransformStreamError and TransformStreamDefaultControllerTerminate. Use the new operation in TransformStreamDefaultSource cancel() to make the semantics clearer. Also change TransformStreamDefaultControllerEnqueue to call TransformStreamErrorWritableAndUnblockWrite rather than TransformStreamError when ReadableStreamDefaultControllerEnqueue throws, since we know that the readable side will already be errored in that case.

Adam Rice

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Handle the AbortSignal in get() and create() themselves. (#110) * added aborted flag and gitignore file * minor editorial tweak * fixed minor issues * added abort signal to request and create options * updated src * minor grammatical fixes * fix up minor details * Handle the AbortSignal in get() and create() themselves. And remove WebAuthn-specific text. Thanks to AngeloKai for the basis of this change. * Describe the internal methods' use of AbortSignal in Extension Points Instead of by the definition of the internal methods. * Make the WebAuthn reference non-normative.

Jeffrey Yasskin