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Update all constructors, including [HTMLConstructor] This updates all the constructors in the standard for recent changes to Web IDL. In particular: * Replace [Constructor] extended attributes with constructor operations * Cross-links constructor operations on events to the DOM event constructor definition * Changes [HTMLConstructor] to apply to constructor operations, instead of to interfaces, and updates all usages of it * Changes the definition of [HTMLConstructor] to leverage new Web IDL concepts of "usual constructor steps" and "internally create a new object implementing the interface" Fixes #4870. Fixes #4890.

Domenic Denicola

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Update sequential focus navigation to include shadow trees This defines an explicit list for the document's "sequential focus navigation order", whose contents are defined to include elements in shadow trees. Previously the contents of the sequential focus navigation order were defined mostly implicitly, in the tabindex section. This also expands the ordering requirements for sequential focus navigation order to account for shadow trees and slotted elements. Finally, this has a minor connection to delegatesFocus, in that it excludes elements that are shadow hosts with delegatesFocus = true from being focusable areas. Part of #2013. Tests:

Rakina Zata Amni

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Define different types of focusability Define "focusable" more concretely, and as part of it, define special types of focusability: click focusable and sequentially focusable. As part of this, remove the "tabindex focus flag" because it can be replaced with "focusable" and "focusable area", and was very confusing. Part of #4607. Helps provide a basis for further work on #2013, but does not directly contribute to any shadow DOM upstreaming. This does not introduce any normative changes, but instead brings into the spec behavior that was previously only in implementations, and makes certain concepts explicit.

Rakina Zata Amni